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Ghost in the Graveyard

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I'm not who I used to be
a young man full of verve and vigor
I let heartbreak kill my dream
I lacked the nerve to lift a finger
I feared a disapproving a brow
Shadows moving through the crowd
Funny how I see that now
shackled with my eyes gouged out

I'm a ghost in the graveyard, my restless heart in pieces
Crying out for a savior to rescue and release me
I've wrestled with my nature, I cannot be at peace with
this living in-between

I'm not who I thought I was
These grasping limbs are feeble phantoms
I've got nothing without your love
Just echoes in an empty anthem
With whispered words I cursed your gifts
concealed it with a public kiss
Did you mean it when you called me friend?
Or have I broken all your promises?
'Cause I've broken all my promises

©The Scattergoods 2013-2017